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Anyone Making Affiliate Money From Organic Google Traffic Only? Here's What I Do...

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I've been doing this for many years, and I am shocked how easy it still is to make money by blogging about a topic you like. Thanks to the Amazon Associates program, you can literally recommend any type of product, and GOOD products that people are going to buy anyways. 

I did this with an automotive blog for two years, sold the website, and now I'm doing dozens of them at once this year, hoping for a big 2023 🙂

My ways of getting traffic:

  • Reddit: create and grow a subreddit around your niche and/or advertise if you have $$ to spend
  • On-site SEO is key - every post is 100% optimized. Add FAQ schema, img alt descriptions, optimized titles meta descriptions, etc. Sometimes, I will go to youtube and find an awesome relevant video and write a unique description of it and embed it. This keeps users on my pages longer.
  • Pinterest, Twitter, FB, IG - I don't use all, but I use 2 of the best for the niche I'm working on

Reddit can take time, or it can be fast. I remember sharing an article of mine on there and getting dozens of sales a day for about 3 days on a brand new site with a brand new article. However, the communities and people on reddit are very cautious of spam and you can't abuse the website. I tried again and learned the hard way haha.. so now I learned to make my own subreddit, which took over a year to grow BTW.

Learn how to optimize your blog posts on whatever platform you're using. Wix makes it easy, WordPress, etc. Learn how to optimize page titles and meta descriptions. Definitely optimize img alt descriptions and for every product or topic you're discussing, add some FAQ to the page. In WordPress, I use Yoast SEO and Gutenberg block FAQ Schema to set these up on each page.

What are you guys doing to promote your website and get traffic?

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I generally believe in complete on page optimization and then off page activities. These are time taking process but if are doing all things well according to search engines guidelines and by following your top competitors activities then will get result very soon. For branding and additional traffics social media optimization is good. More popularity will help you to get traffics and ranking quickly.

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