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Google's new algorithm drops next month. Is your website ready?

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In May, Google will release their new search engine algorithm that is a set of metrics that determines if your website offers a good user experience (UX) – and if you earn good marks, you’ll get a boost in the search rankings.

This time around you need to worry less about keyword optimization, metadata, page content, and so on. Instead, you will need to focus more on your website’s usability and experience.

Back in 2020, Google announced that their future algorithm update will take your website performance into account in its search engine results. To be able to do this Google have listed a few metrics that translate into a better user experience.

Google calls these new metrics Core Web Vitals and they include measurements like page load times, HTTPS use, how responsive and mobile-friendly your website is, if your site uses pop-ups, and if it contains malware.

Google offers two handy online services that webmasters can use to measure their websites core web vitals. The first tool is PageSpeed Insights which is a tool that gives your website a performance score while providing you with metrics that you can sue to compare it with other websites. The tool also provides webmasters with mobile and computer scores.

The second one is Google's Search Console which is a powerful SEO tool which gives you massive amounts of information about your website so that you can optimize your website, increase website traffic, and fix various SO issues your site might suffer from.

Is your website ready for Google’s new algorithm update? What Core Web Vitals scores does your website get?

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