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Starting with Paid or Free Software

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That depends on what kind of project it is. If it's a forum, I would start with a paid software to avoid both confusing my members later on and avoiding the mess of converting and migrating to a new platform.

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Depends on the project and your budget. There is nothing wrong with starting off with free software really especially as MyBB is a great option for forums with its large choice of themes and plugins.

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15 hours ago, Jason said:

So if you are confident enough the project will surely hit a big mark then you will go with paid else if it is for fun then free and then paid?

Sure, that is a perfectly fine and reasonable approach. ūüôā¬†

I am not confident that this forum will be popular enough to justify its costs, but I started with a paid forum software anyways because I know I will be able to offer a better user experience from the start if I go with a professional forum software instead of a free forum solution. And I hope that this improved user experience will help attract new registrations and increase user engagement, much more so than what could be possible using myBB or any other free forum software.

But ultimately, whether you should use a free or paid forum software is not that important. It's your websites content and community that's important and what'll drive user registrations and engagement.

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On 4/3/2021 at 5:14 PM, Jason said:

One better thing is we don't need to convert from free to Paid and face conversion error if there is a need in future.

Yeah, I remember when I converted a rather large phpBB forum over to IPB a couple of years ago. What a mess that was.

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