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When should you start monetizing your website?

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When is the best time to start monetizing and adding advertisements to your website?

Personally, I think webmasters should wait before they plaster their website with ads because there is really no point of monetizing a small website - you won't make enough from it until you get more visitors anyway. To be totally honest, unless your website traffic results in you getting a nice payout check every single month it is simply not worth adding ads to your website.

Sure, you might lose out on some potential revenue. But I still think it is better to wait until your website grows bigger and gets more hits and visitors. If you wait, you won't clutter your small website with annoying ads. And trust me, your most loyal users will understand if you later on start monetizing your website in an effort to keep it up and running and pay for rising server costs.

What do you think? Should you start monetizing your website as soon as you launch it or should you wait until it becomes more popular?

"Even if everyone agrees, everyone can be wrong."

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I feel that we should start monetizing when we have reached a good traffic and become popular. Starting with ads and moving gives the feel of site was just started for money not for fun or helping others.

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You can do it from the start as long as you don't bombard your users with advertisements. If you have a few ads here and there, users won't mind and you'll be able to make some money straight away

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I think it depends. If it's something like affiliate links and you're promoting products in a natural way, then you can monetize from the start. But, actual ads, display ads, Adsense, Ezoic,  etc... you should wait until you have at least 1k UV per month. 

In recent years I started building a Write For Us page on all of my websites with 1k words of text on the page to rank it for its niche. I mention a $20 low fee to post, and then I lay out the guidelines and requirements. I never accept low quality content. This is a great way to make some money from a newer website, as long as you're posting often and growing the site many people will pay the fee. 

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