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My top 3 favorite (and free) web design resources

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Here are my top three favorite web design resources. I’ve listed them in no particular order as I think they are all equally great in what they offer. And as an added bonus they are all free to use.


Font Awesome

The first one is Font Awesome which lets you get free vector icons a social logos for your website. Font Awesome offers thousands of different icons – both free and paid ones – and implementing them to your own website is super easy. This is most definitely a must-use for every web designer.



Next one up is Unsplash which offers free high-resolution photos for all your different websites and graphical projects. All photos on their website can be downloaded and used for free without any permission needed – both for commercial and non-commercial purposes. They do encourage you to give proper credit to the photographer though. And best of all, you don’t even need to create an account to download their photos. I’ve used this free stock photo resource so many times and it really gives your web design that extra feel of professionalism.


UI Gradients

The last one – but not the least – is UI Gradients which is a cute little service which lets you find and use different gradients from various color combinations. You can easily browse all the different gradients, and once you’ve found your favorites adding them to your website is super easy, you just copy a simple CSS code. If you want, you can also download JPEGs of the gradients.

Which ones are your top web design resources? Please share them with us here. 🙂

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"Even if everyone agrees, everyone can be wrong."

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6 hours ago, Ash said:

https://coolors.co/ is another great site. They provide colour combinations that can be used for a lot of things.

Thank you for sharing, that seems like a great site to find good color combinations. 🙂

"Even if everyone agrees, everyone can be wrong."

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Nice share. I use Pexels.com for my stock photos but I have not heard of that one. I added it to my favorites just now.

A good source for icons though is Flat Icon. It cost $12 but you can cancel the renewal and only have the single month at a time. You can download 1,000 downloads a day for an entire month of icons and then download the premium license and permanently use it without attribution on any site you want. It's a neat little place because the icons are incredible.

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On 7/12/2021 at 4:35 AM, TopSilver said:

A good source for icons though is Flat Icon.

That seems like a good and useful resource for icons. I bookmarked it! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

"Even if everyone agrees, everyone can be wrong."

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