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  1. I've been looking at starting a monthly newsletter for my general discussion forum but I just keep forgetting about it which is not great. We have sent out a few email campaigns before to try and get some of the previous active members back to the forum but I don't believe they have been e
  2. I guess the domain extension is less important now because there are quite a few cool and unique ones that work well. For example, my general discussion forum uses a .io extension and it looks good. No one has complained about it either which is great.
  3. True, although you could just keep the software for a future project if that is something you want to go into. And if it really goes wrong and you don't want to create another project, you can sell it to someone.
  4. I know some people don't consider it a "coding language" but I guess HTML and CSS is very important for webmasters. PHP is a good place to start with as well because a lot of software and templates use it now.
  5. People do like saying that content is important but first impressions are pretty important as well when you first start one. A nice looking logo and theme will help you out a lot when trying to attract new members to your forum. That, and a lot of luck in being able to get the right members on your forum. I was very lucky that my current core group of active members saw my post advertising the forum and joined up.
  6. I was not aware that there was a dark theme option that we could use but I have switched over to it now. It's pretty nice so I will be using it as my main theme from now on.
  7. We used to have AdSense but it was clear that a lot of our users were using an adblocker. I use an adblocker as well although I had disabled it for my forum so it unfair to ask people to do the same. Because of that, we scrapped the ads and went down the premium user groups route.
  8. I don't really create that many graphics so I've never bothered trying a paid software and I've never looked into getting a free software either. I just use that runs on the Gravit Designer website which is good enough for me.
  9. You can take the chance but if your website is being used by people living in the EU, you need to follow the rules because they can come after you no matter where you live. Obviously, they may not bother with a small site.
  10. I do. I rarely turn it off for sites unless they force me to do. And if they do, they have to be a really important site that I really want to visit because if not, I just won't go on it.
  11. I'll have to check out UI Gradients. It seems like a great site and one that could be very useful for me. https://coolors.co/ is another great site. They provide colour combinations that can be used for a lot of things.
  12. You can do it from the start as long as you don't bombard your users with advertisements. If you have a few ads here and there, users won't mind and you'll be able to make some money straight away
  13. Technically there are things you can do but I wouldn't recommend it. I know that some sites block you from the site until you disable it. That honestly will just push people away from the site
  14. I like to look at other similar sites to get some inspiration. I won't directly copy things because that's not a good thing to do but it's always nice to see what other sites have come up with in terms of design. You can find some great font choices as well by looking at other sites.
  15. Depends on the project and your budget. There is nothing wrong with starting off with free software really especially as MyBB is a great option for forums with its large choice of themes and plugins.
  16. That looks great. Do you know if this is something that will be included as standard with all IPB purchases or will it be available as an added purchase? I wish XenForo did something like this. I know they have their trophies system but it's pretty basic unfortunately
  17. I had a brief period where we had a huge spam attack and it made me slightly amend our spam prevention methods. It seemed to work and it was actually pretty simple. It's a simple question that asks for the colour of an object. It seems to have stopped most of the spam.
  18. I've made that mistake multiple times in the past and I still do it lol! I really need to get into the habit of backing up my site frequently and making sure to do it manually because I honestly don't trust the automated cPanel ones.
  19. I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 at the moment and I would say it is the perfect screen size for my needs. It has a 6.2 inch screen and it really is great. It looks nice too which is another added bonus.
  20. There have been a few films that I have watched more than once. There's honestly too many to list so I'm just going to mention the ones that I know I have watched the most - Home Alone (both of the first two), Jurassic Park/World (all of them) and Wolf of Wall Street.
  21. I don't really have a favourite web host but I do love the current host that I use for certain projects which is InterServer. They provided a special black friday hosting offer a while back and it's been well worth the $2.50 a month for the service.
  22. Same as Sanjo. I've only really used Google Analytics for this purpose. I'm sure there are one or two decent competitors though, it just won't be easy to find them unfortunately.
  23. In terms of free forum software, it has to be MyBB for me. No other free forum software comes even close to it really. With paid software, it's XenForo for me. I've used it for a while now and I really like it.
  24. It will be interesting to see how well they do but I do think forums will be fine overall. Forums still offer anonymity and more of a sense of community which is beneficial to many
  25. Currently listening to the latest song by Drake
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