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  1. What TV show or movie are you currently watching? And what platform are you using to watch it?
  2. Ash

    My Names Fait

    A bit of a late one but welcome to the community Fait. Great to see another familiar face here 🙂
  3. If I remember correctly, it was Python for me as well which I learnt during my Computer Science classes in high school. It's definitely the programming language that I prefer and love even though I haven't used it for a while now.
  4. It looks nice but I'm not sure how effective it would be, to be honest. The biggest problem is that once you started with Guilded, you're stuck with it and there's not an easy way to move over to another forum software.
  5. In terms of free software, I would always consider MyBB. It's a great free forum software that has some lovely built-in features and a great selection of themes and plugins. Having got XenForo for my latest forum project, it's something that I will probably stick with for a long time.
  6. Have you ever used a free domain for your project? And if so, do you think it ever impacted on the number of visitors your site got? I have used .tk domains before but that was a very, very long time ago when I was quite young.
  7. What does everyone think about free hosting? Is it something you would ever consider for your site? Right now, I always stick to paid hosting since the service is just better and more reliable.
  8. Discussion Hub is a general discussion hub helping you get a little blast from the past. Enjoy coloured usernames, special userbars and a tight-knit community. I would love to hear what you guys think about the forum - https://discussionhub.io
  9. I would presume this is down to Edge coming pre-installed with Windows devices? I use Microsoft Edge as my secondary browser on my laptop but it's only for Microsoft Rewards. I do a couple of searches and tasks every day on it for the points then return to Chrome
  10. I've been looking at starting a monthly newsletter for my general discussion forum but I just keep forgetting about it which is not great. We have sent out a few email campaigns before to try and get some of the previous active members back to the forum but I don't believe they have been e
  11. I guess the domain extension is less important now because there are quite a few cool and unique ones that work well. For example, my general discussion forum uses a .io extension and it looks good. No one has complained about it either which is great.
  12. True, although you could just keep the software for a future project if that is something you want to go into. And if it really goes wrong and you don't want to create another project, you can sell it to someone.
  13. I know some people don't consider it a "coding language" but I guess HTML and CSS is very important for webmasters. PHP is a good place to start with as well because a lot of software and templates use it now.
  14. People do like saying that content is important but first impressions are pretty important as well when you first start one. A nice looking logo and theme will help you out a lot when trying to attract new members to your forum. That, and a lot of luck in being able to get the right members on your forum. I was very lucky that my current core group of active members saw my post advertising the forum and joined up.
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