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  1. Good 😅 then I don't need to worry about it until I move from WordPress.
  2. That worked thanks! Couldn't figure out what code I needed to place it in the center...
  3. But do I really need to care about this? What can they really do if I am not following their rules?
  4. I have a small div called centerfloat that is fixed and floating on my page. But I want to make it fixed in the center of the screen. How do I accomplish this using CSS?
  5. How do I get my own signature on this forum?
  6. Hello and thank you for joining Webmasters Meet! 🙂

  7. I am currently listening to some Ariana Grande 😍🤩
  8. Am I wrong but doesnt this only affect websites in Europe?
  9. Hello I am a new "webmaster". I have been working on a Wordpress.com blog for almost a year now. I know a little HTML and some CSS but thats about it. Now I want to learn more. I have been told that I should move from Wordpress.com to a real webhost. Should I move? And how do I get started with my own website? Any tips of programs that I should use? Thank you!
  10. Im new to all this so I only have a Wordpress.com blog that I had fun working on now for almost a year. It is fun so I guess that is my fav type of websites do build haha
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