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  1. Oh okay, if you are okay with huge screen size then no worries.
  2. One better thing is we don't need to convert from free to Paid and face conversion error if there is a need in future.
  3. I totally agree with you, i had some disagreement with some users. So i am not following it anymore, different question sets, Google captcha is helping me somehow.
  4. I don't use IMDB much but the ratings available in the website really helps. I didn't know about their forum closed to users.
  5. Thanks Simon for pointing it out, let me check this option and see whether my need is meet.
  6. I love to start a movie rating website just like IMDB but for my country. This way i strongly believe i can get super hit and many will be part of it.
  7. @SimonBut do you feel comfortable using larger phones? I hate if the phone doesn't fit my palm.
  8. Hmm maybe but i see more and more IPB forums nowadays. I am glad i went with WoltLab and i am very happy with it.
  9. So if you are confident enough the project will surely hit a big mark then you will go with paid else if it is for fun then free and then paid?
  10. I am finding it difficult to deal with spammers, in MyBB i usually have the first 5 posts monitored and then the users can posts free without any moderation. Which helped me in cutting down spam, but now in WoltLab i need to find a way.
  11. Sorry for my ignorance, where is the option to disable Follow Topic. Everytime i post a thread or reply it gets followed automatically and i don't want that.
  12. I think the dark theme option in the theme selector is more than enough and feels good using it.
  13. If you are planning to move to a real webhost. Make a backup of your current wordpress data. Find some reliable hosting service and install WordPress and import the data which is backed up.
  14. So what screen size do you prefer in a phone. I love the phone which is under 5.5, more than that i don't prefer it.
  15. If you are going to start a project will be it with a free software or start with paid software to avoid conversion issue and theme issues?
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