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  1. I put a subscription model in place recently. This way no one gets used to free. The plan is you start at the high number, then "level down" to the lower rates later. This will be decided by me based on participation. I found a site that charges $99 USD with some other "lifetime" plans. It is a toxic site, but supposedly he has "6000" member requests waiting to be "approved". It's probably true, but still if he can do that then... Now if I could just find some humans to join. 😉
  2. A GiFt for the community as a "Hello, nice to meet you!" kind of thing.

    I actually have this exact file forsale on my latest idea/project.

    I don't know the link rules here yet, so I'll just say I am selling this for $68.69 USD.

    Now it is free to all of you.

    Plus I just wanted to test this out. 😉

    Feel free to use as you see fit.



    1. Simon


      Ah so besides websites you also make art? That's nice! 🙂

  3. It's because the founder was an arrogant ZZA. Trust me. I hate that company.
  4. BASIC, then DOS, then MSDOS. Then I figured out I suck at Math so the rest went bye bye. HTML is my goto. I got lost at writing JAVA scripts and now barely understand CSS. I am always grateful that Gen Y and Z create easy to use tools for designers like me. But I am still dreaming of becoming Bill Gates. Not Bezos, he is an ZZA. 😆
  5. I've had my original one going since 2017/2018. I have 36 members total with 13 being my test accounts. But I keep paying that $45 per month!😆😆😆
  6. I did not know this. Interesting. One way around this for sure would be to form an LLC, make the "buyer" a member, make yourself a nonmember and voila transfer complete. Nothing they could say legally.
  7. Yes. Paying is much more professional if you are serious with your idea/project. And content is alway king. Now if I could just attract some "content creators" I'd be sitting in high heaven. Because I prefer to be in the background. I am getting over that, but it has taken a long time. Plus you really can't beat Invision. They are the best at what they do.
  8. & Salutations! This looks to be a cool community site. Think I'll hang around for a minute or two. A bit about me, I am a WYSIWYG master. I hate coding. It's like I can read it, but can not write it. (Except HTML, that I get.) Also been doing this since forever. My first attempt at programming in BASIC was as a kid on a TRS80. Been webbing it up since 1997 when I first registered MercaNet.net because literally .com had been registered just days before. And I thought I was being "clever". 😆 Then I lost the domain, because I was at a registrar who didn't have au
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