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  1. Several different ways, easiest is to have ads or affiliate products. Depends on how much traffic you get. Traffic is king. If you have no traffic then wasting time really if you think about it. I see most owners of there site do not fuss about Adsense or added ads to there site as they get nothing back, I mean it's like you doing it for them for free. If you have paid ads that people can order from you and or paid groups premium based, hard to get them to say Please buy 😛
  2. My smatphone size screen that I have now is 6.67 inches 🙂 It's big in away however I have seen phones that are even more bigger. I do not dislike it untill you trying to put your phone in your pockets and it sticks out like a poop. carrying it around will always be a pain for most people nowadays, then again they walk and use it at the same time 😛
  3. If I was new the the new game then I would start off with free to begine with to see how well or what the resuilts are going to be. If I love it and have some good joy from the resuilts and I wanted to go that next step higher with the funds that I have then I go forward to battle.
  4. I made many videos on gaming on YouTube and whatnot, but I tend to not get the views and followers, It's just another paid in the butt that takes forever to grow, and need that time growing the site and not your YouTube channel. Thought about it but having the time to do it, plus I do have the gear to make a video.. JUst that is it really a good idea or maybe have someone who has a bigger channel to do it for you. I say FAceBook video is one good option to get your video out there.
  5. This is one of those heated talks of all talks on what do you use or like and or preferred. I mean at times most people might pick a forum software that they do not even like or they have no choice. I mean answers will be different. I started off with SMF as my first forum site, party to get the foot in the door and wanted something free to start off rather than spending all out and get to the point that I dislike it and close it fully down. THen after 6 months I moved to IPB and for 5 long years been with them since then, YEAH.. Not cheap to run you know.
  6. About to answer then you said programming language and I'm like, well going to say it anyway. HTML/CSS right people. Yes indeed. Got to start off basic before anything else as HTML/CSS is needed for everything. 🙂 After that was God damn Java, and I was bad at it. I mostly did games and looked online and get the code.
  7. Most do not care about the domain, they see it as a URL to enter to the site and that's it 😛 Even domain extensions are pointless and wasted money unless you have a project or something worth the while. I say that you pick the name of the site, forum or blog then get the domain name as same as the site name. Even it was .com or .GG 😛
  8. I always hear that people using ad-blocker left, right and centre and always have threads and blogs starting that people use it far more than before. I do not blame them at one bit since major websites just kill your searches as it takes forever to load the adverts. You tend to wait for more for adverts to load than anything else then it eats up your bandwidth. But the argument is that those that run forums/blogs that have advertisements on their site won't earn anything as their main source of real traffic is using ad-blocker. Maybe that is why more websites are added more and more adverts to
  9. I never really used Mozilla-firefox, so aren't a big deal. I have used it many years ago when it was really different than on an XP system and remember being slow. I however use Chrome that is still very popular today more than other browsers. Edge does tend to copy Chrome you know, like extensions and how it works, yet more basic and fewer system resources it users. That's why I use it on my Gaming rig while streaming and gaming as it does not take much. End of the day people use what they want to use.
  10. Hello, So I'm here at long last 😛 , Not going to say to much but long story short that I join and did the wrong store/site 😛 Yet I'm able to get to here somehow. Well Just name me empire and that's all you need to know about me 😛
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