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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Kokushibo, yes from Demon Slayer, yes I am a weeb. I am a webmaster (former) for many years and look to share my knowledge and experience here with you all! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I look forward to meeting you all!
  2. Biggest mistake to me is not promoting or sinking so much into promoting without seeing how some of the avenues actually do so you lose a ton of money with little to absolutely nothing in return. Which in doing so will hurt your wallet and your pride as the webmaster making you second guess yourself at every turn from then on and eventually lead to the downfall of the site.
  3. I believe if your site has gained some popularity and you are focusing more on expanding and building more of your brand, then you should get an actual domain. And I do find that domains that make sense to what the site is about will help in the long run. The only main exception I ever found with this was "GoDaddy". Being a website hosting platform, the name did not come off as that for me when I first found out about the hosting site. I would look at things like Bluehost or hostgator since their names imply they do hosting but GoDaddy doesn't say hosting in it but yet, that is what they do.
  4. As a website creator, you have to make all kinds of decisions on how to advertise your sites. One of the most creative ways I found was using ads on Youtube to promote it. Whether it was before, during, or after the video it still gets some traction. The only downside I found on this was mainly that people use ad blockers now so getting an ad on Youtube, though creative, would eventually just not work out in the end unfortunately. Have you thought of using it and if you have what was your experience?
  5. When starting up your forum, which do you prefer to use? Whether it be Invision, Xenforo, PhpBB, MyBB, etc. For me I always originally started out on PhpBB as it was free and I got very used to how it worked though I did get confused by the admin panel at times. Then I eventually would start up a site with Xenforo as I had more money to sink into the project and liked the design for it. Though I liked Xenforo more, I didn't like the money it takes to keep it running. Especially if you get the add-ons such as the resource center and having to renew the license every year.
  6. What was your very first programming language that you learned? For me, it was Python when I was in high school as I took a class for it. Though the class was originally for Javascript which I was more interested in at the time I took the time to learn python and I did enjoy the class for the most part. I definitely found it to be an interesting language to start out with but I know some people hate python for how it works and such as it is different from other languages. But what about you? Which language did you learn first?
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