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  1. Due to issues with our domain, please access Chatting Time at http://chattingtime.purephpbb.com until further notice.
  2. I love running forums. The site permissions can be a nightmare though
  3. Status update Total posts 4847 Total topics 541 Total members 46 http://chattingtime.net
  4. Seems like change gets demanded once it's too late to do anything about it.
  5. Hot and we're in the middle of a drought. Not to mention wildfires from Canada or up north somewhere, so we've had a few air quality alerts. None of it's too bad today though
  6. Not sure how to change the text size, but thanks for the great feedback
  7. Hope it's okay to start one of these. Hi everyone
  8. Pokémon the first movie. Have it on DVD and it's one of my favorite shows
  9. Couldn't have put it better myself. Yes sites are easier to remember with a domain, but one can do just as good without one too
  10. Chatting Time is a community that invites people from all countries, religions and ages to our digital home. We strive to maintain a cozy community where you can talk about anything you'd like, and make some friends in the process. We have enjoyed ourselves for two years already, maybe [b]you[/b] will take part in the next one? Register today at chattingtime.net
  11. I agree. Plus, Twitter has a super strict character limitations of how long your posts can be.
  12. I've always preferred free software for my projects. I'm retired due to health issues and currently on benefits, so my cashbox isn't exactly full. Running a forum is mmerely a hobby for me, anywa. I don't have plans to turn it into an investment or anything
  13. If I have it right, Edge is the default browser on some cell phones, unless of course you choose to switch to another browser. Edge is default on my phone, but I wouldn't mind trying it on my tablet as well. As long as it's not a gigabyte hog obviously
  14. Ashley

    New Here

    Thanks for the welcome and for adding the section. That's usually one of the first posts I make when joining a forum is an introduction post. Gives people are chance and say hello to other members.
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