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  1. I think it matters as well. I don't suppose it will make the site or anything like that but I believe it's important and does matter that you have a good domain name. Google's algorithm no matter how complicated does indeed pay attention to your domain name. Also the domain names age is a ranking signal as well as any keywords that may be in the domain name. So because of this it matters but at the same time it doesn't "make your site". You can just as easily do very well and completely succeed on a domain that genuinely close to your niche but isn't the top or best domain.
  2. I do manual backups about once a week as well. I have a cPanel script for automated backups to your windows live mail client but stopped using cPanel so I can't use it anymore. But on the plus side I get backups once every hour, once a week, and once a month. I also take them manually every week and a full file backup too once every few months. It's very easy for me to recover if something were to happen. Since I consider myself a professional, recovering from something like this has never been an issue.
  3. I just use GIMP for logo editing and things like that. If Photoshop wasn't so expensive I'd use that and I've been tempted several times to buy a year of it but haven't done that. Since they charge by the month or year it's a bit disappointing but on the plus side it's only $120/year if you get the photography plan. I just haven't found the need to pay that much yet. If they would just have a one-time license and then charge for updates only it would be so much more worth it. But GIMP tends to be the winner in this situation as it's great for quick logo edits in my opinion.
  4. Or the best code to use would be this. .centerFloat { display: flex; align-items: center; justify-content: center; margin: auto; } If you want you can add a clear: both; to stop divs from floating around it. You can add some padding too. Flexbox seems to be the best method in this day and age. It's the best way to be responsive and almost everyone is starting to use it now instead of ordinary floats and positioning. Replace .centerFloat with the name of your div class.
  5. It's essential to know html and css especially if you run a forum. Because you will find yourself constantly in need of editing your website. And this can be a huge issue with small things like even stopping a page title from being there. Lack of experience in this field will cause you to need to pay people to do it for you and you can save so much money if your a do-it-yourself type guy like I am.
  6. Selling banner space on your forum can be a great way to see a return on revenue. A lot of times users can't make much on adsense but do that and people actually buy it. Especially if you have a good start on posts this can be a thing. But also memberships on your forum is one idea. I was thinknig about having a premium usergroup and also a donator usergroup both with 2 different badges on my own forum at some point but have not yet decided if it would be a viable option as I still don't have many ideas for what the premium group could be. We would have private forums but I would need some
  7. I have a good ole $25 add-on I bought from Ozzy that keeps them from signing up. Very rarely and occasionally they get past it and you have to fix it on your own but this is rare. It keeps almost all bots from signing up. He named it the Spamminator. But I don't let actual users spam on my forums. My moderators handle that.
  8. Yeah just make sure you move to your host with your files in tact and make a backup, like someone above mentioned. The most common mistake of newbie webmasters is losing their database or files. I recommend 5 daily, 3 weekly, and 2 monthly retention backup schedule so it doesn't eat your space. When it reaches each number what will happen is the older backup from the last day will be deleted but the newer backups will be there. You may want to go with a bigger EIG company that has a good support system since your new but you should have no problem finding a better host.
  9. Nice share. I use Pexels.com for my stock photos but I have not heard of that one. I added it to my favorites just now. A good source for icons though is Flat Icon. It cost $12 but you can cancel the renewal and only have the single month at a time. You can download 1,000 downloads a day for an entire month of icons and then download the premium license and permanently use it without attribution on any site you want. It's a neat little place because the icons are incredible.
  10. This is quite intriguing @SimonI will be quite honest with you I use a 3rd party add-on for this on my Xenforo 2 site but this is quite interesting they would put an option for this on IPB. I am extremely interested in possibly buying IPB at some point now.
  11. Wordpress has a decent bit of vulnerability from default. It's just a software that tends to have loopholes in general. However they usually patch them up quite fast, there's just so many being found on a regular basis. I've never heard of these plugins though.
  12. I've never used IPB and have always used Xenforo 2 but I may consider giving IPB a try at some point. I suppose the best free one is MyBB and the best paid one is a mix between IPB and Xenforo 2.
  13. Yeah I have been in search of alternatives as well. Other then the built in AwStats that's in your control pane (which isn't analytics as all) I think google analytics is pretty much the best.
  14. I start with paid software but I will say there's nothing wrong with starting the free route and then migrating later. The fact that they have those migration tools are all the reason to start a forum now and then migrate when it gets enough posts for you to be satisfied.
  15. Brackets is a super good editor for a free one. Visual Studio Code is the best free editor though. If your looking to go all out and don't mind spending $89 you can get PHPStorm which is the best IDE and editor for web development. If you want the web development without the PHP part then you can get WebStorm which is the same thing without the added PHP support.
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