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  1. Welcome to the community! 👋

  2. Yeah, I get that. It's just that I use my phone for so much more than just sending texts and making calls. But then you must really love a small-ish phone like the galaxy flip from Samsung?
  3. ResetEra, which is one of the biggest gaming forums, was sold for $4.5 million USD to a Swedish media company called MOBA Network earlier this week. Eurogamer reports that MOBA already owns other gaming communities and that the Swedish media company hopes their new acquisition will help expand its advertising revenues. "ResetEra.com's revenue is generated through ads and member subscriptions. M.O.B.A. Network sees significant opportunities to increase advertising revenue through a higher share of direct sales, implementation of new ad formats, and a long-term product development strategy.
  4. Almost 5k posts, that's a nice milestone! 🙂
  5. Yes! There are some amazing WYSIWYG editors and services available these days. You can easily create some astonishing websites without any knowledge about programming or even basic HTML.
  6. Yep, no matter what you do, some forums never really seem to take off. I run a few communities and one that I've had since 2017 is just like that. So, I am planning on doing a complete rebranding with a new domain name, design and layout/features. Hopefully, that'll make it more popular.
  7. Interesting, I honestly never thought about the possibilities of advertising on youtube. Do they offer anything else besides video ads? If not, I sadly don't think it would be a possibility for the majority of us.
  8. I remember their sleazy and immature promotions. That was enough for me to never want to use their services. But maybe they've changed these days? I doubt it though.
  9. Hello Jason and welcome to the community! 🤗 Oh yeah, I remember Frontpage. I tried it a few times but I think this was back in the days when Dreamweaver started to become popular, so I just used that instead.
  10. Why do programming courses always have to start with Java?! Is it just a way for them to weed out most students? Because if their goal with forcing students to learn Java first is to suck out every last drop of enjoyment and excitement for programming from your students then they are doing a great job.
  11. Yeah, I feel like most website owners have themselves to blame. Of course, people are fed up with ads and of course they will use ad-blockers when so many website owners just completely swamp their websites with privacy intrusive ads.
  12. I must confess, I once thought about using an 8 inch tablet as a phone. But yeah, such a device would have just been too big to carry around effortlessly, so I quickly abandoned that idea.
  13. Better late than never! 😉 It's nice to see you here @Empire 🤗
  14. Simon

    My Names Fait

    Hello and welcome to Webmasters Meet, thank you for joining the community! 🙂
  15. Not that I know of. Pretty hard to find one from a trusted source I'd imagine. But if you do happen to find any, please share with us here. 🙂
  16. Welcome to the community! 🙌

  17. Yeah, I feel like I'm constantly making this mistake. 😟
  18. Yeah, that is such a strange name for a domain and webhosting company. Does anyone know why they decided to go with that name? What does it mean?
  19. Java was the first programming language that I learned ... and I hated it so much 🤮 and haven't used it for years. Now, I barely remember anything of it.
  20. Hello @Kokushibo and welcome to the community! 🙂
  21. It was a while since I played around with phpBB, but can't you change the theme's CSS somewhere? If so, you could probably just change the body font-size to 11 or 12 px. body { font-size: 12px; } That could probably help a lot. 🙂
  22. And it will unfortunately only get worse as the climate crisis worsens. I wonder when people will start demanding change?
  23. Yeah, mobile usage plays a huge part in these statistics. If you look at the data by StatCounter you can see that Samsung's own web browser that comes with their mobile phones and tablets could surpass Firefox soon. I like Edge, I mostly use it on my desktop PC and it's really quick there without consuming too much memory.
  24. Do you promote your website and business on social media? If you do, then I would love to hear some tips and best-case practices on how to promote on social media. 🙂 To be honest, I haven't done much promoting because it usually feels too much like I'm spamming people that aren't the slightest interested in my website or content. But what are your thoughts and experiences?
  25. I like your site logo; it looks professional. And your theme seems fresh and modern, you get an extra plus for it being responsive. But I am finding your text a bit small for my liking and phpBB feels a bit outdated (although your theme does a good job of hiding the worst parts of phpBB). Good luck with your community! 🙂
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