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  1. Yeah, I remember when I converted a rather large phpBB forum over to IPB a couple of years ago. What a mess that was.
  2. They closed their community and movie forums and now they only have a support forum. I think it was because of moderation issues.
  3. I'm sure such a community could be popular considering that IMDB recently closed their user forums.
  4. That is probably a good way to stop spam, but it also involves a lot of moderation and I'm afraid it will have negative effects on user engagement from new users. Sure, your existing users will see much less spam, but it doesn't stop spam bots from registering accounts and it won't reduce the time I spend moderating.
  5. Sure, that is a perfectly fine and reasonable approach. πŸ™‚ I am not confident that this forum will be popular enough to justify its costs, but I started with a paid forum software anyways because I know I will be able to offer a better user experience from the start if I go with a professional forum software instead of a free forum solution. And I hope that this improved user experience will help attract new registrations and increase user engagement, much more so than what could be possible using myBB or any other free forum software. But ultimately, whether you should use a free o
  6. In May, Google will release their new search engine algorithm that is a set of metrics that determines if your website offers a good user experience (UX) – and if you earn good marks, you’ll get a boost in the search rankings. This time around you need to worry less about keyword optimization, metadata, page content, and so on. Instead, you will need to focus more on your website’s usability and experience. Back in 2020, Google announced that their future algorithm update will take your website performance into account in its search engine results. To be able to do this Google have l
  7. Yeah, it can be a bit of a hassle carrying it around sometimes, but that huge screen size sure makes up for that. πŸ˜‰
  8. You can easily change that by clicking on the follow button on any topic page and then clicking on the Change how the notification is sent. You can also change how you receive notifications by going to your account settings and then go to Notification Settings.
  9. But they could still be beneficial to you and your site by sharing your site to other users, contributing to your site's content, and so on.
  10. Elementor and WP Super Cache are two popular Wordpress extensions that both carry serious vulnerabilities according to security researchers from Wordfence. The vulnerability in the Elementor add-on allows a perpetrator to load Javascript on pages, while the vulnerability in WP Super Cache makes it possible to run malicious code on pages. Elementor is used by more than seven million web pages and WP Super Cache is used by two million sites. Users are encouraged to update these two extensions as soon as possible or risk leaving their Wordpress sites vulnerable for takeover. Wordfence writes
  11. I am planning on creating a dark version of this theme, but that will take some time. Meanwhile you can use either the light or dark versions of the default IPB theme which has higher contrasts than the current Webmasters Meet theme. You can select which theme you want to use in the footer below.
  12. That seems too harsh. And I don't want to lose potential users from a whole region.
  13. We don't know much about it just yet, but it seems that this new achievement system will be available for all customers - both cloud and self-hosted customers - and that it will come with the core system.
  14. Thank you for sharing, that seems like a great site to find good color combinations. πŸ™‚
  15. Yeah, the attack seems to come in waves. After I've stopped one wave it calms down for a while and I start to believe I have it all under control and that the spam prevention steps I've taken works. And then they come back. Thanks for the tip, I will definitely test to add a similar security question!
  16. Ouch, now that's a lot of money just gone. Yeah, I think we've all done that mistake more often than we'd like to admit.
  17. Ugh spammers. I hate them so much. 🀬 How do you deal with spam and spammers on your website? Do you have any helpful tips you want to share?
  18. Invision Community (IPB) is planning to launch a new achievements system later this year that will let community owners further "gamify" their forums and award users for their activity. Check out these screenshots that was posted a few days inside Invision Community's restricted clients subforum: Here's a look at configuring a "Award points when a user posts 1000 topics" rule: Some rules can award different users too - for example, there is an action that fires when someone votes on a poll, but you can choose to award the voter and/or the poll author:
  19. The bigger the better in my honest opinion. πŸ˜‰ I really like the Huawei Mate X2 with its cool folding technique and large screens. Sure, it'll most likely be way too expensive to justify a purchase. But a man can dream, right?
  20. That depends on what kind of project it is. If it's a forum, I would start with a paid software to avoid both confusing my members later on and avoiding the mess of converting and migrating to a new platform.
  21. I would guess that Xenforo is the more popular forum software. Didn't most people that left vBulletin go to Xenforo considering it was started by former vBulletin devs?
  22. That's so true! Posting party images on a forum using an online nickname won't damage your future job prospects, for example.
  23. Hello and thank you for joining Webmasters Meet!Β πŸ‘‹

  24. When is the best time to start monetizing and adding advertisements to your website? Personally, I think webmasters should wait before they plaster their website with ads because there is really no point of monetizing a small website - you won't make enough from it until you get more visitors anyway. To be totally honest, unless your website traffic results in you getting a nice payout check every single month it is simply not worth adding ads to your website. Sure, you might lose out on some potential revenue. But I still think it is better to wait until your website grows bigger an
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