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  1. Yeah, I feel like I'm constantly making this mistake. 😟
  2. Yeah, that is such a strange name for a domain and webhosting company. Does anyone know why they decided to go with that name? What does it mean?
  3. Java was the first programming language that I learned ... and I hated it so much 🤮 and haven't used it for years. Now, I barely remember anything of it.
  4. Hello @Kokushibo and welcome to the community! 🙂
  5. It was a while since I played around with phpBB, but can't you change the theme's CSS somewhere? If so, you could probably just change the body font-size to 11 or 12 px. body { font-size: 12px; } That could probably help a lot. 🙂
  6. And it will unfortunately only get worse as the climate crisis worsens. I wonder when people will start demanding change?
  7. Yeah, mobile usage plays a huge part in these statistics. If you look at the data by StatCounter you can see that Samsung's own web browser that comes with their mobile phones and tablets could surpass Firefox soon. I like Edge, I mostly use it on my desktop PC and it's really quick there without consuming too much memory.
  8. Do you promote your website and business on social media? If you do, then I would love to hear some tips and best-case practices on how to promote on social media. 🙂 To be honest, I haven't done much promoting because it usually feels too much like I'm spamming people that aren't the slightest interested in my website or content. But what are your thoughts and experiences?
  9. I like your site logo; it looks professional. And your theme seems fresh and modern, you get an extra plus for it being responsive. But I am finding your text a bit small for my liking and phpBB feels a bit outdated (although your theme does a good job of hiding the worst parts of phpBB). Good luck with your community! 🙂
  10. Tags are only activated in our Webmasters Marketplace area, but would you like to be able to use tags in all the other forums as well? I haven't activated tags in the other forums because my experience with them is that they are rarely used. However, they could be useful to help sort our content as the forum grows bigger. What do you guys think?
  11. Hello, what's up! Are you guys enjoying summer? 🙂
  12. Simon

    New Here

    Although I rarely use this kind of forum, I do see the use of it and how it can help strengthen the community feeling among both new and regular members. Good idea, @Ashley!
  13. I'm trying out a fluid width for the site, let me know what you think about it! 🙂

    1. Sanjo


      I see no difference on my phone! 😉

  14. The results in the poll above are surprisingly even so far, exciting! 😄
  15. Last month, Microsoft's web browser Edge overtook Firefox and become the third most popular web browser, according to data published by StatCounter. Edge now has a global market share of 3,4 percent while Firefox is at 3,29 percent. But Google Chrome remains the most popular and widely used web browser by far with 65,27 percent of the global market share. I must say that I thought Firefox would remain the third most popular web browser for a little while longer, but it seems more and more people are starting to like Microsoft's new chromium-based web browser. But will anyone ever be
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