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  2. traffic

    Which code editor do you use?

    I installed that once as a friend was learning coding i ended up doing his assignment and importing it as was taking half the day to install.
  3. traffic

    Webpages Instant Indexing

    Quickest would be massive backlinks and ping but then you got to clean up what you don't want depending on source.
  4. FarrisFahad

    Improving Small Online Business through SEO

    Improve your content. Easier said than done. If you want to improve your SEO you need to improve your content. If I have 1 hour per day to promote my website, I would spend it improving my content rather than building backlinks.
  5. How to improve small online business through SEO nowadays ?
  6. FarrisFahad

    Which code editor do you use?

    I use Microsoft Word as my editor ... of course I am kidding 🙂 I personally use Atom but might move on to Visual Studio.
  7. I am in the fence on building a new template and website that is targeted towards people who want to track their project progress and income. Do you think this is a good idea? What features do you recommend I include? How much should I charge for a subscription?
  8. Hello webmasters, Have you ever wanted a website rather than a blog. I can build you a website using PHP and MySQL. I am a fullstack developer. I have built many websites including ... PicturePunches.com WebsitesEconomy.com FarrisFahad.com I have been building websites since 2013. I have some great website ideas that I want to build for clients. Here are an example ... A publishing website, can be niched down, where users get to write content for you and after approval they earn real money per word. So if the user writes 500 words and each word
  9. FarrisFahad

    Webpages Instant Indexing

    Also backlinks help your website get indexed faster. Google tend to give priority to websites with high authority.
  10. Which way is potential for creating do-follow back-links nowadays ?
  11. Jamjennifer

    Webpages Instant Indexing

    Ok, Got It, I will try it, But I need more information about it.
  12. FarrisFahad

    Webpages Instant Indexing

    I would say submitting your website sitemap file and include all the links.
  13. As for me I get 50% for both. It's a memes website, by the way. Here is a screenshot ...
  14. Simon

    Digital Marketing

    Sorry, but there are no easy ways to instantly grow your website for normal website owners. It's all about dedication and hard work. Sure, an ad-campaign can work, but then you'll have to do a cost vs benefit analysis, and unless you're an online store such ad campaigns can sometimes be a bit hard to justify.
  15. Simon

    Webpages Instant Indexing

    You should check out Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Central if you want access to their SEO tools and analytics that can help improve your website's search engine ranking.
  16. Simon

    Word-Press Plugin for SEO purpose

    There are several plugins for your Wordpress website that are designed to help you improve your SEO - or at least help make your SEO efforts easier. Is there any specific plugin you're wondering about?
  17. Jamjennifer

    Digital Marketing

    This is very informative information about digital marketing. I also want to know about it in details.
  18. Which is the potential Word-Press Plugin for SEO purpose nowadays ?
  19. Simon

    I am James

    Hi James and welcome to the community! 🙂
  20. Which is the potential way for webpages instant indexing in google search engine ?
  21. FarrisFahad

    Digital Marketing

    You need to be patient with traffic as it grows slow from sources like Google. If you want to drive a lot of traffic you have two options. First is by paying. The second is by going viral on Social Media like Facebook. I have been working on the web for years now and I have never seen a fast way to build traffic. They all require patience.
  22. Are there any hidden techniques to grow your website faster?
  23. Jamjennifer

    I am James

    Hi, Hello Everyone, I am the James, I am the new member, I am fan of webmastersmeet, Because This is the potential platform for skill development. Thanks for joining this community.
  24. FarrisFahad

    Hi Everyone

    Hi! Welcome to the forum 🙂 Farris
  25. FarrisFahad

    Your favorite web host?

    If I am going to build a small site I recommend Hostgator, but if you want to build a more robust web app you can go with DigitalOcean or AWS.
  26. FarrisFahad

    How do you deal with spammers?

    I have a memes site and like other websites I have a lot of spammy users. I find a great way called the stop light method. Basically each user gets a light just like in an intersection. Some have a green light where you don't need to moderate their content because they have proven to follow the rules of the website. Some have yellow light. This means that their content is moderated by users who have the green light. And then there are spammers who have the red light that stops all of their posts from being published. Usually a user will start with yellow light and then the
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