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  2. I love running forums. The site permissions can be a nightmare though
  3. Status update Total posts 4847 Total topics 541 Total members 46 http://chattingtime.net
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  5. PHP for me 10 years ago and i still love it!
  6. Yes! There are some amazing WYSIWYG editors and services available these days. You can easily create some astonishing websites without any knowledge about programming or even basic HTML.
  7. Yep, no matter what you do, some forums never really seem to take off. I run a few communities and one that I've had since 2017 is just like that. So, I am planning on doing a complete rebranding with a new domain name, design and layout/features. Hopefully, that'll make it more popular.
  8. Interesting, I honestly never thought about the possibilities of advertising on youtube. Do they offer anything else besides video ads? If not, I sadly don't think it would be a possibility for the majority of us.
  9. I remember their sleazy and immature promotions. That was enough for me to never want to use their services. But maybe they've changed these days? I doubt it though.
  10. Hello Jason and welcome to the community! 🤗 Oh yeah, I remember Frontpage. I tried it a few times but I think this was back in the days when Dreamweaver started to become popular, so I just used that instead.
  11. I put a subscription model in place recently. This way no one gets used to free. The plan is you start at the high number, then "level down" to the lower rates later. This will be decided by me based on participation. I found a site that charges $99 USD with some other "lifetime" plans. It is a toxic site, but supposedly he has "6000" member requests waiting to be "approved". It's probably true, but still if he can do that then... Now if I could just find some humans to join. 😉
  12. A GiFt for the community as a "Hello, nice to meet you!" kind of thing.

    I actually have this exact file forsale on my latest idea/project.

    I don't know the link rules here yet, so I'll just say I am selling this for $68.69 USD.

    Now it is free to all of you.

    Plus I just wanted to test this out. 😉

    Feel free to use as you see fit.



    1. Simon


      Ah so besides websites you also make art? That's nice! 🙂

  13. It's because the founder was an arrogant ZZA. Trust me. I hate that company.
  14. BASIC, then DOS, then MSDOS. Then I figured out I suck at Math so the rest went bye bye. HTML is my goto. I got lost at writing JAVA scripts and now barely understand CSS. I am always grateful that Gen Y and Z create easy to use tools for designers like me. But I am still dreaming of becoming Bill Gates. Not Bezos, he is an ZZA. 😆
  15. I've had my original one going since 2017/2018. I have 36 members total with 13 being my test accounts. But I keep paying that $45 per month!😆😆😆
  16. I did not know this. Interesting. One way around this for sure would be to form an LLC, make the "buyer" a member, make yourself a nonmember and voila transfer complete. Nothing they could say legally.
  17. Yes. Paying is much more professional if you are serious with your idea/project. And content is alway king. Now if I could just attract some "content creators" I'd be sitting in high heaven. Because I prefer to be in the background. I am getting over that, but it has taken a long time. Plus you really can't beat Invision. They are the best at what they do.
  18. & Salutations! This looks to be a cool community site. Think I'll hang around for a minute or two. A bit about me, I am a WYSIWYG master. I hate coding. It's like I can read it, but can not write it. (Except HTML, that I get.) Also been doing this since forever. My first attempt at programming in BASIC was as a kid on a TRS80. Been webbing it up since 1997 when I first registered MercaNet.net because literally .com had been registered just days before. And I thought I was being "clever". 😆 Then I lost the domain, because I was at a registrar who didn't have au
  19. Why do programming courses always have to start with Java?! Is it just a way for them to weed out most students? Because if their goal with forcing students to learn Java first is to suck out every last drop of enjoyment and excitement for programming from your students then they are doing a great job.
  20. Yeah, I feel like most website owners have themselves to blame. Of course, people are fed up with ads and of course they will use ad-blockers when so many website owners just completely swamp their websites with privacy intrusive ads.
  21. I must confess, I once thought about using an 8 inch tablet as a phone. But yeah, such a device would have just been too big to carry around effortlessly, so I quickly abandoned that idea.
  22. Better late than never! 😉 It's nice to see you here @Empire 🤗
  23. Simon

    My Names Fait

    Hello and welcome to Webmasters Meet, thank you for joining the community! 🙂
  24. Several different ways, easiest is to have ads or affiliate products. Depends on how much traffic you get. Traffic is king. If you have no traffic then wasting time really if you think about it. I see most owners of there site do not fuss about Adsense or added ads to there site as they get nothing back, I mean it's like you doing it for them for free. If you have paid ads that people can order from you and or paid groups premium based, hard to get them to say Please buy 😛
  25. My smatphone size screen that I have now is 6.67 inches 🙂 It's big in away however I have seen phones that are even more bigger. I do not dislike it untill you trying to put your phone in your pockets and it sticks out like a poop. carrying it around will always be a pain for most people nowadays, then again they walk and use it at the same time 😛
  26. If I was new the the new game then I would start off with free to begine with to see how well or what the resuilts are going to be. If I love it and have some good joy from the resuilts and I wanted to go that next step higher with the funds that I have then I go forward to battle.
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